A-Board Sign Printing

A-Board signs are making an epic comeback in the marketing industry. Initially, these signs were called sandwich A-Board signs because they first started being used in restaurants to advertise their daily food offers. The signs were black A-Boards that were written on using chalk hence they could be erased and rewritten every day. Current A-Board signs entail professionally printed A-Boards that take the same shape of traditional sandwich A-Board signs.

Several industries and businesses can now benefit from using A-Board signs to market their products and services. The businesses include restaurants, nightclubs, printing shops, real estate advertising on the site of the property, parking lots, salons, barbershops and much more. The A-Board signs come in a specified shape and size that gives them the term A-A-Board signs. Most towns specify that the a-A-Board sign of any business should not go beyond six square feet per side. The sign should be placed close to the premises of the business. However, the proximity of the sign to the business varies according to the policies of a certain area. As such, businesses should keep the local business policies in mind when advertising using A-Board signs.

Versatility in location

Depending on the local business policies of an area, businesses benefit from placing their a-A-Board signs anywhere near the business or a bit far from the business premises. This means that the business can choose to move their A-Board sign around in a bid to market their business to different people in different parts of the town.

Notably, a-A-Board signs can be worn on someone’s body with the printed sides hanging on the front and at the back. The wearer of the sign has the ability to walk around and in turn, market the business to more people. This is unlike banners and posters that are placed in one location for a period at a time.

Attract customers

A-Board signs are not the usual forms of advertisement in these modern times. As such, it is quite interesting to stumble upon a A-Board sign when walking in the streets. A-Board signs are hard to miss and as such, they tend to attract various types of customers to a business. The business will benefit from attracting new customers that have no prior knowledge of its products or services. It will also attract loyal customers by putting up special offers on marketing new available products. Often an increase in sales comes along when one uses A-Board signs for advertising.

Cost-effective advertising

The cost of putting up a traditional black A-Board sign is very affordable. However, traditional A-Board signs entail daily or regular writing on the A-Board since the writing tends to fade. Modern printed a-A-Board signs are durable and cost-effective at the same time. The cost of a A-Board sign is $100 on average and the price varies according to places, design, and size. The cost may be even lower when the business prints different sign in bulk. This is a very affordable form of advertising in comparison to banners, TV and radio advertising, and print media advertising. Additionally, the sign will be put up for as long as you wish.