Bindery Services

Quality binding is key to the printing industry. A good finish can be the difference between a pamphlet or
magazine that looks cheap and homespun, and one that looks professional and authoritative. So, if you’ve
been working on a manual or magazine idea that you are ready to present to your customers or client, you
need the best bindery services available. We at Alpha Dog Printing believe that our binders are some of the
best in the industry, and we have the reputation to back up that belief.

As a full-service bindery place, we offer a range of options to all of our clients and we are able to do so because of
our talented staff and our up-to-date equipment. With decades of collective experience in our team, we are
well-placed to help you with a number of bindings including;

– Kit assembly.
– Perfect bound.
– Saddle-stitch.
– Paper bundle.
– Wire-O
– Automatic Folding.
– Plastic Coil.

We also offer a number of complimentary services which include (but are not limited to) die-cutting,
glueing, and shrink-wrapping. Our binders each have their own area of specialization and are considered
experts in their field by many. This is how we can be certain that your finished product will be truly

Of course, there are a number of quality bindery services in this area, so you’re right to ask what makes us so
special. There are a few reasons as to why you should use our bindery services above and beyond all others.

Quality Binding

All of our work is completed to the highest standard, and we use only the best materials and equipment to
complete it. Your bindings will not fray, burst, or break; this is our promise to you.

The Expert Touch

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced; they will use all of the tools at their disposal with flair. This
means that they, and we, are uniquely placed to give you exactly the product that you have envisaged.

Value for Money

We pride ourselves in offering a better service for a better price. Why? Because we know that our customers’
satisfaction and trust is more valuable and important than our profit margin.


There’s no point in offering the very best work one day and average results the next, and at AlphaGraphics,
we don’t. We always offer the best, and we make sure that we go above and beyond at every opportunity.
This consistent, reliable performance is what lets our customers know that they can trust us with important

You have spent countless hours honing and perfecting your project to get to this point, and you deserve to
see it come to life as perfectly as possible. You deserve a company that will pour as much passion and effort
into binding and finishing your product as you have in creating it. At Alpha Dog Printing, we understand that
while the binding is the last step before completion it is by no means the least.
Our team are ready to make your vision a reality, so why not come down and talk to us about our bindery
services today? We guarantee a professional finish every time.