Booklet & Manual Printing

If you operate a business, it is likely that you have clients who expect high quality manuals and booklets. They probably demand easy to read, visually appealing products distributed to them on a regular basis. With Alpha Dog Printing, you’ll never have to worry. Our experts can work with you to create an incredible, attention-grabbing design that will help you distinguish yourself from the competition with ease.

We at Alpha Dog Printing offer many different ways to prepare your final project, including papers of different colors and weights, and many different ways of binding the product. You have worked hard to create a product worthy of greatness; do not entrust the finishing touches to someone who lacks experience. Alpha Dog Printing has 20 years of experience in printing, which means we, as seasoned professionals, can create a high quality product in no time at all, while remaining detail oriented.

Saddle stitching is one of our most popular options. Saddle stitching is simply creating staples along the spine of your product. This is usually paired with text weight paper for many of our clients. Aside from these, we offer a wide variety of binding and finishing options that you can select from when you use our booklet printing services, so you know you are getting the exact product that you have envisioned. If you’d like to get a better idea of what your finished project might look like after using our services, we encourage you to come to our shop to check out some examples of completed manuals and booklets.

We also have professional designers who can help you get started on your project. Using our help, you will have a smooth, effortless process starting at conceptualization and ending of course with completion. We offer our services for all sorts of projects, whether it is a personal recipe booklet that you are giving to family, or a large stack of employee handbooks you would like to hand out to your employees.