Poster Printing

A versatile offline marketing tool, posters are a good way to spread the message about your brand in a cost effective way. A highly visual marketing medium, a poster’s main purpose is to provide information about what your business has to offer through graphics and text. This makes it a good tool for converting prospects into loyal buyers of your product or service.

Posters come in many different designs and sizes depending on their purpose. Inforgraphics for example are great for disseminating large amounts of information with accompanying graphics. Product posters on the other hand include specific product images and short descriptions and are a great way to create interest for new products. Posters can also be used to enhance the visual appeal of your business premises interior when they’re hang on walls.

Alpha Dog Printing offers professional poster printing services for all kinds of businesses. Our posters are printed on a variety of quality materials and inks. Our latex ink on canvas is quite popular as it has a textured 3D feel to it. Most of our poster printing projects are completed with 24 hours. Our friendly team of expert designers and printing technicians are always at hand to answer any questions you might have.